Before the Awakening

by Lovers and Liars

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(free) 03:47


released August 22, 2008

Lyrics by Stacy Hogan
Music by Lovers and Liars
Produced, Recorded, & Mixed by Stacy Hogan


all rights reserved



Lovers and Liars Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Buried Alive
what have I done now?
lost again somehow
I'm getting better and better
at making things worse

with so much pressure I can't take it
somehow I must learn to fake it
I no longer feel a thing
not even the dirt

'cause I'm buried alive
just waiting for the tide

I'm buried alone
I'm buried alive
I should have known
I should have tried
here lies the one
who couldn't survive
buried alone, buried alive
so goodnight

who have I hurt now?
lost my head somehow
I'm getting worse and worse
at making things better

hey, I hope you never forget
to bury your regret
before it buries you
(it'll bury you)

at first I was barely alive
now I'm buried alive
Track Name: Alone Together
here I am again
the same place that I was back when
she was everything to me by the end
but she gave up and I gave in

all the nights they end with blood and wine
all the days are charades that we designed
to keep the past behind
until the future's looking fine

how did we end up this way?
together we're alone
I shouldn't be this afraid
to face life on my own

if we end up alone, let's be alone together
if you're alone, let's be alone together
if we're alone, let's be alone together
what do you say?

why am I in this state of mind?
before her I swear I was fine
guess we all ignore the signs
guess I painted over mine
Track Name: Head
every time I love I lose instead
every word she said still in my head
if it made things better
leaving all those letters left unread
it's still me here dealing with
all these feelings in my head

I can't take this
it's on my mind again
you said I'd never let it go
once again you win
but I know the things you've done
but you say it's in the past
no reason for me to jump
to these conclusions fast in my head
if you only knew what was in my head

I can't take this
it's on my mind again
tell me when you're with him
does he fuck you like a lover or a friend?
does he know the things you've done?
does he think it's in the past?
cause the truth is finally here at last
in my head
if you only knew what was in my head

I can't take this
manipulated once again
breaking until I bend
Track Name: Happiness Is Overrated
take your time, go
take your time, but go away
I fantasized about this moment
every moment of my life
before you leave me today
lift up my shirt take out your knife

another year gone by, another wasted goodbye
another birthday to forget, another reason to cry
another batch of memories
that will forever be faded and vacated
as I become more jaded
is it me or is happiness overrated?

so take take take your time
so take your time but go away
I don't know what you think you're doing
still lingering here today
it's over don't you know?
there's nothing more for me to say
destined to be alone
I guess I'll always be that way

I can still taste your body
forever tattooed on my tongue
what do I do with these feelings?
where the hell do they come from?
Track Name: They Lied
I know I said I love you
but I don't. don't. don't.
I just need to feel something
but I don't. don't. don't.

I wake up each day feeling a little more useless
but I'm starting to get used to it

I don't recall the last time that I lied
I did what I could so you would never cry
the truth hurts much more
than any story I'd confide
whoever said words cannot hurt, they lied

if you wanna give me a second chance
well don't. don't. don't.
there's so many things
I could have said to make it better
but I won't. won't. won't.

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