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After the Awakening

by Lovers and Liars

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Hole (free) 03:21
hush, hush, scream, scream, everything's like a dream live it like a nightmare, fake it like a fantasy manipulate the bait, initiate the hate you enjoy the chaos you create but now your world has gone crashing down there's no one left to pick you up off the ground you dug your hole now you can live in it hush, hush, scream, scream, push it to the extreme just another part of your hypocritic routine manipulate the bait, initiate the hate a crooked smile as you play it fake I will not look back even if you fall (I hope your pain was worth it all) I will not look back even if you fall (I hope your pain was worth it)
broken record on the stereo shattered glass from a past I can't let go I hope to hell this is the last time I ever hurt what more do you expect from me? there's nothing left here to burn and I've given you every part of me there's nothing left here to burn a broken heart -- tried hard to make it whole but the memories won't seem to let you go I hope to hell this is the last time I ever hurt and I know (yeah, I know)
Holding On To Nothing (free) 03:54
it's been so long since you've shown me a sign of life this feeling comes and goes but it's here tonight this time the hurt isn't worth putting up the fight I wish my head could tell my heart how to get it right I thought I'd be someone you'd love by now should I keep on waiting while you keep fading? I keep holding on to nothing with every move I make I only push you away why must I kill everything that I try to save? some want it all but it's only you I crave with every word I write I'm only digging my grave I thought I'd be someone you'd love by now I'd give you anything you want but you want anything but me you have everything you need and that's anyone but me
The past is nothing but a waste of time a part of life you think you left behind the place I found my heart but lost my mind how else could I have thought that you'd be mine? So pack up all you know and all you've learned light up all the years and watch them burn if tomorrow there is no more you and me then today will be the end of history repeat the same mistakes that we did before we hurt each other then come back for more now I've lost my heart but found my mind and all these thoughts of you I'll leave behind
hey, may all my feelings go unsung and our mistakes die while we're young why are we so afraid to lay the blame? instead we just bury the shame while we let it go, don't let it show how can we be heard if we don't say a word? don't say a word don't let it out just keep it in let the truth burn from within don't say a word (keep it to yourself) hey, just put your faith in family maybe they'll be there when you need yeah, or just stand around and watch you bleed yeah, there's no guarantee, so why hey, open your eyes and you will see that we are all born naive yet some choose to refuse to believe it's not something you achieve


released August 22, 2008

Lyrics by Stacy Hogan
Music by Lovers and Liars
Produced, Recorded, & Mixed by Stacy Hogan


all rights reserved



Lovers and Liars Nashville, Tennessee

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